2 Responses to “Escarole”

  1. Sara Tangen Says:

    Every year I look forward to the beautiful head of escarole so I can make escarole braised with cannellini beans. YUM!

    1. Shauna C Says:

      I only made this dish because of your comment and the huge head of escarole I just got. In truth, it didn’t sound all that great to me. I was completely wrong. This is amazing! I did a few things differently, mostly because I didn’t want to put in the time. First, no bean soak – but I sautéed half a chopped onion, a chopped carrot, and some minced garlic in oil before adding a large can of organic beans, 2 bay leaves, and some concentrated chicken stock. I processed the escarole according to the directions and then plopped the bean mix on top, letting it simmer. Even my husband, a real steak and potato man, loved it. And day 2? Even better.

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