This week’s recipes:

Asian Style Shredded Root Salad

Celeriac and Potato Gratin

Beets with Walnuts and Blue Cheese

Stir-Fried Kale, Carrots, and Walnuts

Green Cabbage with Carrots and Thyme

Carrot and Celeriac Soup

Roasted Vegetable Gratin

Braised Cabbage

Spicy Rutabaga Pie

These recipes are carefully chosen to help you use the vegetables you receive in your share. We pay special attention to include only local and seasonal vegetables. Using the contents of your share box each week can be an adventure in eating. We hope the recipes give you inspiration and help you use your vegetables in fun, creative and delicious ways. Many of the recipes we post will be creations from the Vermont Valley Community Farm cook, who prepares lunches for the farm crew.

If you have a recipe to share please send it to:

17 Responses to “Recipes”

  1. Shauna C Says:

    I had so many potatoes I made the Shepards pie with turnips and greens. I also used carrots and onions from my csa. The greens were some spinach I bought from the store. It was delicious and took less than an hour to make (and that includes the 30 minute bake time).

  2. Shauna C Says:

    I made the cheesy potato and broccoli bake for dinner tonight. While not healthy, it was delicious. I used 1/2 of the bag of baby potatoes from my CSA, 6 oz Hook’s 1 year cheddar, and 4 oz. fresh ricotta, keeping everything else the same. The slices of butter on the bottom were too much. Next time, I’d melt 2-3 tbsp and brush it on the bottom to help with sticking. If you like bacon, some crumbled on top would be good. Overall, a decadent way to eat your vegetables.

  3. Michael Says:

    Another thumbs up for the radish and beef curry. Used Madras curry powder, might try Thai red curry paste next time. Definitely agree that some acid was needed, used a couple tablespoonfuls of lemon juice at the end.

  4. Shauna C Says:

    Just made the spinach, radish, and ground beef curry. I was skeptical (I always thought you just threw away radish greens), but it was really good. I added some red chili paste, about 2 1/2 tbsp of soy sauce, and it needed some acid, so 1 1/2 tsp juice from a jar of pickled ginger. Getting grass fed beef (or whatever you think tastes the best) is pretty important, because the beef flavor really shines through. I also added a clove of garlic and salt and a dash of olive oil to the rice as it cooked. I hate plain rice. Next time, I’d definitely add garlic to the beef, and I’d add the ginger to that too rather than the radishes (the ginger almost burnt before the radishes got soft enough), some kind of acid again (sushi vinegar, a squeeze of lime) and the red chili paste. I could see adding carrot, sliced, along with the radishes, as my husband and I both commented on the need for something a bit sweet. Finally, I might think about using lite coconut milk. Though I loved the taste, I should probably be more concerned about my heart health. Overall, the kind of recipe I’ll print out and make again.

  5. Carolyn Chadderdon Says:

    We tried your Radish, Spinach, and Ground Beef Curry with Scallions. We added the small turnips also…..YUM! A keeper for sure. Thanks Becky!

  6. Kim Schoenhaar Says:

    I’d love to make the roasted vegetable gratin for a work pot luck coming up. Can you please clarify what to do with the bread crumbs (listed in the ingredients, but not mentioned in the instructions). Thanks


    1. Vermont Valley Community Farm Says:

      Hi Kim,
      The breadcrumbs go on last. Thanks for pointing out the missing step.


  7. Susan Says:

    Looked at the kohlrabi recipe…is it really 4cups of wine vinegar!?!

    1. Vermont Valley Community Farm Says:

      Hi Susan,
      Thanks for catching that error! I am having our farm cook take a look a the recipe right now. I will post the edit this afternoon or tomorrow. Jonnah

  8. Says:

    Thank you for spending time in order to post Just Blinds “Recipes | Vermont Valley Community
    Farm”. Thank you so much yet again ,Chastity

  9. Sue Murray Says:

    I really appreciate the 2 pesto (dip) recipes(back in July) that use scapes….loved them both. Super way to use scapes

  10. Jennifer Says:

    Holy Moly I’m totally looking forward to Sauteed Chicken Breasts with Fennel and Rosemary!

  11. Just made the garlic scape pesto for dinner tonight since we got some in our box today..all I can say is Yum! So good, I did add a bit of basil and spinach but it was so easy to make and delicious! Thank you..

  12. Catherine Says:

    Our entire family has enjoyed the gourmet carrots! Yum..sauteed kale, garlic and onions 2 nights in a row, another favorite is the acorn squash. Looking forward to tonights new recipe! Potatoes are always delicious! This has been a SUPER busy time for us, we just moved from our home and are ‘in between’ living with Grandpa and Grandma …I was so greatful to pick up our storage share right before we headed out of town . Our fruit share and storage share have been our good medicine during this transition! Thank you Vermont Valley!;-)

  13. Becca Says:

    We loved the Celeriac and Leek Soup recipe. Simple and delicious!

  14. Isabella CK Says:

    Tried the Perkins family salsa. Jonathan, the salsa lover, loved it!! We usually do fresh versus cooked salsas but this one is a keeper. YUM!!

  15. mortisha Says:

    I tryed the fab french and it was aswome with the salad mix my family ate it right up. I also had the turnips w/ their greens steamed and sauteed and it was amazing. Greens were very similar to the taste of spinach once the butter and salt were added. The taste of the spinach was my absoulte favorite this week a nice sweet taste perfect in my eggs every morining. Thank you so much we all enjoyed all of it.

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