Why does it always come down to weather when I sit down to write? I guess if we worked inside it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but we all work outside all the time. It rained on Tuesday and believe it or not, it was a welcome event. The 1 inch we received was perfect for the plants, the ground was beginning to get dry. Remember a couple of weeks ago I said if we didn’t get more rain this fall we would have to irrigate, well we were getting close to that point. The rain came down gently all morning and we worked in it all morning! Although most of us had on rain gear, we all felt and looked like soaked little puppies after four and a half hours. We surprised ourselves and harvested lettuce, kohlrabi, celery and kale in that time. Rather an ambitious haul for one morning. I think all just hunkered down and got it done.

And then there’s the mosquitoes! On this farm we have never in 24 years even come close to experiencing such an invasion. They hang over us in clouds. They are relentless and their bite is nasty. We all cover up completely, keeping only our faces exposed, but somehow, on two occasions, a mosquito made its way under my glasses and stung me on the eyelid. First my left eye then the next day my right. Both of my eyes are all swelled up. When Jesse saw me yesterday morning he said, “What happened to you? Looks like you lost!”

The vegetables in the fields are all fine and happy although we need to wait until the ground dries to finish potato harvest. The ground needs to be dry for that activity so we have very small windows between rains and the time it takes the ground to dry.

I guess I know why I talk about weather so much!


Kale harvest on Tuesday morning. We had already been working in the rain for four hours by this time. We were getting cold and bitten up by mosquitoes, even kept going into our lunch hour so we could finish!