Now we’re waiting for the lamb! Not complaining, only waiting. March has been a particularly cloudy month. This is the month we begin planting in the greenhouse and have already filled two hoophouses with spring share vegetables. Those vegetables are green and beautiful but could sure use some sun! This is March, I have not forgotten where I live. I know the sun is up there somewhere.

The rhubarb, chives and sorrel out in the fields are looking beautiful. The rhubarb was weeded yesterday, the chives and sorrel raked. Yesterday David and Jesse were driving tractors back and forth for ten hours, spreading rock minerals on the fields.

We hear new birds every day and our resident Sandhill Cranes are noisy as ever as they stake out their territory.

The farm is relatively quiet and peaceful as we gear up. We find indoor jobs on these rainy days and look forward to the promise of sun on Saturday, no April fools I hope.


Lettuce and onions in the greenhouse.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse. In two weeks it will get planted into the hoophouse alongside the Spring Share vegetables.

Little spinach in the hoophouse.

Spring Share in the hoophouse. As soon as the sun shines these plants will grow very quickly.