Tuesday morning pepper harvest

Tuesday morning pepper harvest

This week defines the transition from summer to fall. I’m speaking in terms of vegetables, although the weather has certainly shifted as well. No more sweet corn or green beans or summer squash; last week was the final delivery of those. Our summer crops gave it their all this week. We harvested and are delivering 25,995 tomatoes and 7,405 red peppers. It happens every year; there is a peak week for the pepper and tomato production. The tomato quantity should decline next week, although the red peppers are still plentiful. I assume we will be delivering them up until the frost.

Our fall crops suddenly went through a growth spurt. I can’t always explain why things happen and grow as they do, but I make observations and take notes. The temperatures this summer have been very even, mostly in the low 80’s (with a few hot days). The evening temperatures were very cool compared to other summers. This all effects the vegetables. Potato harvest just began and so far the yields are way above average. The fall broccoli planting responded by ripening sooner than we expected. The bok choy was not expected so soon, but here it is. Our melons have not been as plentiful as usual. The winter squash crop looks great.

I guess I can wrap it all up by saying that when you eat with the seasons you eat what is ready just now. If there is a lot of something you figure out how to eat it or preserve it for winter. You look into your share box and say, “This week our meals will be based around tomatoes, peppers and broccoli”. Sounds good to me.

Get ready for some delicious fall vegetables which include kale, collard greens, winter radishes, lettuce heads, salad mix, winter squash, pie pumpkins, sweet potatoes, leeks, cabbage, celeriac, Chinese cabbage, carrots and potatoes. Six more weeks of vegetables to look forward to.