The Tuesday morning crew harvesting that delicious sweet corn for you. They walk behind this moving conveyor which is pulled by a tractor. Each person is responsible for harvesting corn from one row. A total ‘non-stop, don’t fall behind’ job.

Vermont Valley sweet corn harvest 2

The corn moves to another conveyor which takes it up into the wagon. Two or three people ride in the wagon and count corn into crates. We need a count so we know how many ears we can deliver to you.

A view from the tractor as it creeps forward at .17 mph

Vermont Valley sweet corn harvest 5

The other way we harvest sweet corn is to walk behind a bulk bin, harvest the ears and toss them into the bin. We do this behind the house where the ground is steeply sloped. A smaller tractor is used to move the bulk bin.

Vermont Valley sweet corn harvest 4

Barb drives backwards as harvesters emerge with their corn. This is the patch that was used for the Corn Boil. What was not eaten at that festival was harvested for delivery.