If you love getting your CSA share box each Thursday, maybe your co-workers will too.  It’s fun to venture into something new with others.  Delivering shares to workplaces is something our farm has been doing for some time and is a concept that has been growing in popularity.  It certainly benefits the employees by making CSA share pick-up convenient.  You can share recipes, talk about how you use your vegetables, or give away a vegetable you know you won’t use.  Many workplaces have wellness committees – what a perfect way to incorporate wellness.  We would be happy to talk with anyone who is interested.  Here are a few pieces of information: We need a suitable location to drop off the vegetables and a location in your building where the share boxes can be stacked for pick up.  One person at the workplace needs to be responsible for the set-up of the site and communication with the farm.  We would like at least 20 shares.  We have more detail on our website.  It may be just the right thing for the place you work.