Eating with the Seasons

Wisconsin abounds with organic farms.  This cannot be said for all states.  Lucky you!  You live in a place where local organic produce is readily available year round.  Of course this means the produce available to you year round is what is growing at the time or has been grown and put into storage.  This is when it gets interesting.  We are used looking at a recipe and then going to the super market to get all of our ingredients.  What if we need peppers and tomatoes and green beans in January for our recipe?  Well the grocery store will have them but they will have been shipped from far away.  Eating locally means looking at the food we have available and then preparing our meal.  Wisconsin grows lots of vegetables that can keep all winter in a refrigerator or root cellar.  Those are the vegetables we include in our Storage Share.  There is also a vegetable bounty in the summer that one can take advantage of and preserve for the winter.  You can freeze, can, or dehydrate food.  Freezing is super simple and fast.  Of course you do need the freezer space.  Canning is a way to preserve food that only involves a small investment of jars and a canning kettle.  I mention all of this at this time because you are receiving a bounty of vegetables this week in your share.  You could start this week by putting away some food and enjoying it this winter. You can still come out for a tomato u-pick.  And you can sign up for a Storage Share and really embrace eating the way everybody ate just a few generations ago.  It’s fun, delicious and likely a challenge.  Go for it!


Storage Shares are still available!

The Storage Share includes two deliveries:

November 14th & December 12th

We include detailed storage tips on how to store your produce.

Each delivery plans to include:  15# potatoes, 5# carrots, 5# onions; plus winter squash, cabbage, kale, leeks, daikon radishes, beets, celeriac, rutabaga, turnips, brussels sprouts, winter radish & pie pumpkins.

The cost of the Storage Share is $175.  You can sign up by sending a check to Vermont Valley Community Farm LLC, 4628 County RD FF, Blue Mounds, WI 53517.  No need to fill out a sign up form if you are already a member; please update us if contact information has changed.  If you are not currently a member, fill out a sign up form and send it in along with your payment.

We consolidate our Storage Share pick up sites to 6 locations. The weather during the Storage Share deliveries can be very cold and snowy so we choose sites with heated facilities and easy parking so vegetables don’t freeze; members can more easily park and our delivery trucks have fewer sites to drive to in the event of snow.

We ask that you indicate which site you choose when you send in your payment.  If you have already signed up for a Storage share we will contact you to let you select a pick up site.

Goodman Community Center149 Waubesa Street Madison, WI 53704 

Community of Hope Church7118 Old Sauk Road, Madison, 53717

Near West Side – site to be announced

Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ1501 Gilbert Rd, Madison, 53711

Verona481 Todd Street, Verona, 53593

The Farm4628 County Road FF, Blue Mounds, WI 53517

If you want a Storage share we need your signup/payment by October 12th.


Tomato U Pick

Our Tomato U Pick Events have been so much fun! We still have two picking opportunities available!

CSA Members picking Romas last Saturday

Picking Romas last Saturday

CSA members weighing their Romas after harvesting

CSA members weighing their Romas after harvesting

So many tomatoes!

So many tomatoes!

Members Jude and father, Eric, hunting for the best tomatoes

Members Jude and father, Eric, hunting for the best tomatoes