I love stir fry, and this is why. There is no need to check to see if you have the right ingredients; you can use just about any vegetable or meat (if you choose).  Use what you have!  Stir fry tastes so fresh and is loaded with nutrition.  Preparing a stir fry is simple and forgiving.  It’s hard to use too much or too little of something.  And finally, the array of colors, textures and shapes is always so visually appealing.  And who doesn’t want to eat beautiful food.

When it comes to seasoning your stir fry most any spice will do, fresh or dried.  Garlic and ginger are wonderful.  Tamari always makes it into my stir fries.  Here is a combo that I have used when preparing lunch for the farm crew.  It’s good!

More or less equal parts:

fresh garlic, minced

fresh ginger, minced

chili sauce (I like Sriracha)


tamari or soy sauce

optional: cornstarch or arrowroot powder

Add all five ingredients directly to your stir fry. Adjust amounts to your liking.  Thicken with cornstarch or arrowroot powder.