Real Food Real Change

We are excited to include a new column in our farm news post this year.  Our daughter Becky has recently returned to the area and has offered to share wellness information on a regular basis.  She is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach; her knowledge and offerings are a perfect fit with our organic vegetables.  Hope you enjoy her columns.

David and Barb

What’s for dinner tonight? A meal you can get on the table quickly?  Or one of those meals you’ve made a 100 times. Or maybe a recipe you’ve been wanting to make for weeks. As I prepare a meal this is what goes though my head; vegetables, protein and good quality fat.

For the past several years I have been studying nutrition and paying attention to which foods make me feel the best. I now try to include vegetables, protein and a good quality fat with every meal. This way I know I’m getting lots of vitamins and minerals and  adding fat ensures that I sustain a stable energy level, keeping me content and productive.

As I’m sure you know, not all food is created equal. You have a head start! Vegetables from a CSA are some of the freshest plus local and organic. When it comes to protein and fat I believe it’s worth it to pay extra for quality. I suggest grass fed and pastured beef and poultry, organic, pastured eggs, organic butter, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. By purchasing sustainably grown produce and sustainably raised animal products you avoid an array of antibiotics, hormones and pesticides in your food.

Does the cost of these products keep you from purchasing them? Did you know that Americans spends less on food than any other country in the world? On average we spend 6% of our income on food while France spends 14% and India spends 35%.* With that said, food can still cost a lot of money. One suggestion is to buy fewer of the expensive prepackaged goods, leaving you extra money to buy quality products! My kitchen cabinets used to be filled with packaged items. Now they are filled with less expensive (and more nutritious) whole foods purchased from bulk bins and stored in mason jars. And my fridge is filled with, you guessed it; local, organic sustainable products.

To your health,

Becky Perkins, Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Source:*Mother Jones, America Spends Less on Food Than Any Other Country, Feb. 1, 2012