WEDNESDAY, MAY 28:  Today it is 52 degrees, overcast, drizzling and fairly miserable; typical for “Spring” Year 2013.  As always the farm adjusts to the weather, not the other way around.  Spring has been winter this year, the exact opposite of 2012 when we already had summer weather in March.

This year’s “Spring” has determined that your vegetable season will begin a week later than our planned date, and will continue for the normal 20 week season, thereby ending a week later.  The cool, I mean cold, weather has been just fine for some of our early season plantings of lettuce, spinach, radishes and turnips.  They are growing slowly, but look great.  The warm season crops have mostly been planted on schedule but have not really appreciated the temperatures.  I looked at the first planting of cucumbers and melons yesterday and you can tell by their sort of snarly look it has been way too chilly.  They need more time to mature and the extra week delay will do them good.

It is a challenge every year to bridge the changeover from cool season early crops to the warm loving tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, sweet corn….   Our goal is to keep your CSA box bountiful every week and the delayed startup will hopefully be enough to give the warm season crops a chance to catch up.  The bounty is always delivered to you every year; the trick is to spread it out so you are neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed with produce in a particular week.

We look forward to harvesting your first box of delicious, local, organic produce.  So here’s to warmer weather, gentle rains and a great growing season here at Vermont Valley Community Farm.