The full time 2012 crew says thanks for letting us grow your food this season.  See you next year.

                                                                                                                                                                        From left: Brian Dean; Becky, Jesse, Barb, Eric and  David Perkins, Chad Chriestenson, Jonnah Perkins,  Chris Klaeser, Elisabeth Minich


It’s 7am and still pitch black outside; the seasons we live by and you eat by have begun the abrupt change to the winter months.  This is transition time for us, going from a busy season of harvest straight into preparing for next year’s bounty.  The transition actually begins in July with the planting of strawberry plants, followed in August and September with the planting of cover crops to put fertility into the soil, support the biotic life in the soil and improve the soil’s structural components.  Garlic planting was completed this week.  Final harvests stretch into November for our Storage Share members at which point the final preparations of the fields for the winter is completed with tillage and mulching.  The worker share members and our wonderful Cambodian crew will not appear again until next spring; but the cast of characters pictured above will be putting in hundreds of hours before the next vegetable seedling take root.  Jesse will be inspecting and repairing our field implements so they are ready when needed.  Chris, our resident construction guru, will be heading up a couple of projects improving our transplant greenhouse and machine shed.  Jonnah will be busy with our website, signups and all other things needed for communicating with you.  Barb will be putting together the seed order and planting plans as well as orchestrating the storage share deliveries.  Eric, Chad, Elizabeth and Becky will be working on a long list of projects, things that there is just no time for during the harvest season.  As for me, well, I’ll think of something to do.  But most importantly, we will all get time off to rest and reinvigorate ourselves for next season.  We look forward to 2013, may it be perfectly moist and pleasantly mild.


A few pictures from the week:

This week we planted all of the garlic for next season, about an acre and a half.

Each clove of garlic is planted 6 inches apart. We break apart garlic bulbs into cloves. And then we plant the entire acre and a half by hand, one clove at a time.

Middle schoolers from Goodman Community Center came out to pick pumpkins.

Tuesday afternoon kale harvest.