The tomatoes start in this great sea of seemingly green. Although it is hard to see the tomatoes on this picture, they are there, along with about 10 other workers crouching and picking.

The tomato pack in the packing shed on Wednesday afternoon.

This week we harvested 16,800 tomatoes. We separate them by variety into stacks and figure out how many of each variety should go into each bag. Then we gather our crew, assign a tomato variety or two to each person and pack 1235 bags of tomatoes in about 1.5 hours, whew!

Thursday morning on the packing line. We spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday harvesting, washing, counting, weighing and bagging vegetables. On Thursday morning we gather to pack share boxes. Each vegetable item comes out of the cooler and is lined up. Each person is assigned an item or two and we spend about 3 hours packing 1235 share boxes. Again, whew! Then into the trucks and off to our pick up sites we go.

Baby Paavo Perkins admiring and approving the vegetable pack.