This weather these days sure makes working in the fields more pleasant.  We can no longer begin harvest at 5:30 am if we want to see what we are harvesting.  On Tuesday at 7:00 am as we began celery harvest, the sun had not risen above the hills yet; and when it did the intensity wasn’t there.  Fog lies heavy in the valley each morning and we wear boots and rain pants as we harvest tomatoes.  Tuesday’s light rain seemed like mist from the gods.  Life on the farm is good.

Pepper harvest. Harvesting sweet red peppers and hot peppers.

Our view from the pepper field. If we give ourselves a moment to stand and gaze, this is what meets our eyes. Then it’s back to peppers. The pumpkin patch is the big mass of green leaves.

Celery harvest. The base of the celery plant is cut just below the surface of the ground. Then the scraggly outer stalks are pulled off and the root end is trimmed.

Washing celery. The celery soaks in a tub of water to remove field dirt. It then gets sprayed with a hose to remove any remaining dirt, trimmed and counted into a crate. In the backround on the right Kathy and Roz are standing at the bagger bagging potatoes and to the left Eric is moving a stack of celery onto the scale where it gets weighed and recorded and then moved into a 32 degree cooler.