We are now harvesting from every tomato patch on the farm.  Here is what you can expect to see in your share box over the next couple of months.  Hopefully this will help you identify it when you see it in your share.  Most of our tomatoes are Heirloom varieties.  An Heirloom is an open pollinated variety that has been passed down for generations.

Garden Peach: These 2oz yellow fruits blush pink when ripe and have fuzzy skins somewhat like peaches.  Soft skinned, juicy and very sweet.  Light fruity taste is not what you would expect in a tomato.

Orange Banana: Long, orange paste-type tomato. Sweet and flavorful.

Black Prince: A 3-5 oz. tomato with a deep reddish/purple color and unusual brown shoulders that become orange-red as they ripen. Distinctive, rich, fruity tomato flavor.

Red Zebra: A small red tomato overlaid with golden yellow stripes.

Ruth’s, Estiva, Wisconsin 55, Pink Beauty: Red slicing tomatoes with amazing flavor and texture.

Japanese Trifele Black: A tomato that looks like a beautiful mahogany-colored Bartlett pear with greenish shoulders.  A rich and complex flavor.

Cherry Tomatoes: Sun Gold, Sun Cherry, Yellow Mini and Black Cherry.  We mix them up for you.

Roma/Paste/Plum/Processing Tomatoes: These tomatoes are drier than most slicing tomatoes, making them perfect for cooking, drying, sauce and salsa making. We grow a mix of traditional red paste tomatoes and others with fascinating shape, size and color.  Here are their names:  Debarao, Bellstar, Plum Regal, Granadero,  San Marzano, Monica, Viva Italia, Speckled Roman, Amish Paste, Federle, Sheboygan, Opalka,. 

We aim to harvest our tomatoes just before they are vine-ripe. We do this so you don’t receive an over ripe tomato.  But it also means that you may receive a tomato that needs to sit on your counter for a day or two before it is perfect to eat, heavy and quite soft.  And when you do receive a very ripe tomato, eat it up.

top row, left to right: Black Prince, Pink Beauty, Ruth’s or WI 55 (they look similar), Debarao
bottom row, left to right: Garden Peach, Orange Banana, Red Zebra, Japanese Trifele Black

Melon Harvest

Monday, Wednesday, Friday …..repeat……  We harvest cantaloupe and watermelon every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.  They ripen over several weeks, so we harvest the ripe ones each time we walk the patch and leave the others to ripen. It is cool early, so just after sunrise the melons get our attention.  There is an art to the harvest of each type of melon.  And since melon is one crop that we can not see inside of, we have to trust that our sense of ripeness is correct.

The Cambodian crew harvesting watermelon. They pass the melons to Tonny who makes piles on the ground. We then load the melons into crates and transport them back to a 45 degree cooler.

The cantaloupes are harvested the same way and then loaded into bulk bins. As the workers load the melons they are counted. The full bulk bins get transported to a 32 degree cooler.

Thanks to everyone who came to our 18th annual Corn Boil.  It was a wonderful day.  The corn was delicious, the pot luck was amazing and the little goats were a hit.