We drink lots and lots and lots of water.  We start our day early (sun rise is at 5:35 these days) and we are in the packing shed and out of the sun by 11:00am.  We are slowly getting used to this heat.   Amazing how the body can adapt.  We still have not had rain and are still irrigating around the clock.  And then, just for amusement sake, we got to harvest lettuce heads in the mud on Tuesday.  Many of us took off our shoes.  It kind of took our minds off the sweltering temperatures.

When we arrived in the field to harvest lettuce heads we were greeted by very muddy conditions. Pretty funny in these times of drought. The lettuce had just received three inches of irrigation “rain”.

Elizabeth’s feet are slowly sinking. We had fun pretending it had just rained!

Eggplant harvest Tuesday morning. I think the sweat dripping off our faces was giving the plants some added moisture.

The full time crew comes to join the eggplant harvest. They had just finished harvesting zucchini.

Baby Paavo Perkins new favorite teething vegetable. There are a lot of uses for eggplant!

Teaser Rain-Our Draught is not over !

I had written all of the above Wednesday evening.  Then we got some rain, but only 1/2 inch.  The sky got dark, we closed our greenhouses and packing shed walls.  The winds blew hard, limbs fell, trees fell, a limb fell on a power line and ignited, emergency vehicles with lights and screaming sirens streamed by.  But we only got a half inch of rain.  We appreciate it, in fact we love it, but we have to continue irrigating.