Although we took last week off from delivering shares, we did not take last week off from work.  And as you all know, it wasn’t very pleasant weather.  The big job we accomplished was harvesting all of the farm’s garlic.  Garlic is planted in October and harvested in July.  It was ready last week!  We began each day at 5:30 am, already too hot to be working, and finished between 11:00 and noon when the temperatures were well above 100.  Thank you to our incredible workers!

The garlic field before harvest began. We grew over an acre of garlic. 60,000 bulbs.

Harvesting garlic in a haze of heat

This is how it happens: David mows the tops off the garlic plants with a tractor-pulled mower. Then he undercuts the garlic (pictured). The undercutter is a blade pulled by a tractor that loosens the earth, making it easier to pull each bulb of garlic.

After the garlic is undercut all of the workers get down on their hands and knees and pull out each bulb, one at a time and place them into black crates.

Freshly harvested garlic.

One of the Cambodian men who has been working with us for 9 years. He is amazing.

Eric and Chad loaded each crate onto the pick up truck and then unloaded each crate into the barn, sweating out gallons of water in the process.

Towers of garlic stacked in the upper part of the barn. Big fans blow air onto the garlic to help it dry down.