Our hoophouse is full of tomatoes. At the beginning of April over 1000 tomato plants were planted into the ground this house. We have a heater so were able to keep the temperatures above freezing during those cold spring nights.

Looking in at the tomatoes. The side wall is thermostatically controlled. When it gets too warm in the house the side lowers to let in the outside air and when it gets cool the side raises back up to retain warmth.

Stepping inside and taking a closer look. Those tomatoes sure look good.

 There are a lot of ‘up and coming’ vegetables in the fields these days. 

The outside tomatoes are trying to keep up with the hoophouse tomatoes

The eggplants are blossoming

The peppers are fruiting

The melons are blossoming (those blossoms turn into melons!)

And we keep irrigating!