A lot of  them is the plan.  Our plan is to deliver sweet corn to you eight times this season.  We transplant and also direct seed the corn.  I am sure you all are familiar with ‘direct seed’; it simply means the seed is sown directly into the ground and the corn grows.  But we put a twist on growing sweet corn.  Our first four plantings of sweet corn are started in the greenhouse.  We do this by planting seeds in flats and when the corn plant is big enough we ‘transplant’ it into the field.  We simply pull the (13,440) corn plants from the flats and plant them into the field.  We do this so we can be guaranteed good germination and a good plant stand.  As certified organic farmers we do not use seed treated with a chemical to preventing it from rotting in cold wet (spring) soil.  We can not risk loosing our entire planting of corn because the seed rotted in the field, so we start the seeds in the greenhouse.

Flats filled with soil, waiting to be seeded with sweet corn. There are 70 flats each with 192 cells which means 13,440 sweet corn plants! Each plant yields one ear of corn.

Our Cambodian crew putting one seed in each cell.

Sweet corn transplants ready to be planted into the field.

 And then there’s potatoes, lots of potatoes.

David (driving the tractor) and Jesse (sitting on the potato planter) planting potatoes in our field near Arena.


That’s a lot of spuds! They are under that beautiful soil. Soon they will emerge.


And then there’s melons.  We grow watermelon and cantaloupe.  We start the plants in the greenhouse and transplant them out into the field.

A group of worker share members came out to the farm on Saturday for an orientation and spent part of that time planting cantaloupe seeds into flats. These cantaloupe plants will be transplanted into the fields in a couple of weeks.

We stay really, really busy in the greenhouse and out in the field during May.  We will continue to post pictures of what we are up to in the fields.