In a “normal” year, spring happens first in our greenhouses many weeks before spring happens outside.  But we all know that was not the case this year.  We have been asked may times if we started plants early this year because of the weather.  No, it’s not a good idea for us to deviate from our carefully planned schedules.  All of the timing of these schedules creates the diversity of vegetables in the share boxes each week.  So we dutifully kept to schedule.  If we began deviating, we could create vegetable chaos.  Greenhouse planting began March 1st, followed a week later by the first seeding in the hoophouse (greenhouse where we plant directly in the ground).  It was lovely to have warm sunny days as we went about our early spring work.  Typically there is still snow on the ground.  David and Jesse were able to get out into the fields sooner than usual and work up the ground and plant cover crops.

Eric Perkins and his nephew, Paavo, planting onion seeds

Newly transplanted vegetable plants in the Hoophouse

There are multiple things going on in this hoophouse picture.  In the foreground you see a lovely bed of lettuce heads.  This is the lettuce delivered in today’s Spring Share.  In front of the lettuce heads are a row of tomato plants.  We planted a row of tomatoes on each side of the beds of spring share greens.  The greens get harvested and the tomatoes continue to grow.  The tall white poles are tomato trellises.  As soon as all of the greens have been harvested the tomatoes are big enough to begin to trellis.

A close look at tomato plants planted beside Tot Soi (to be delivered next week!)

A bed of Bok Choy

Elisabeth harvesting Bok Choy