The day began at 4:50 am, civil twilight it is called, just a glow of light about 35 minutes before sunrise.  I met our Cambodian crew in the yard.  We loaded 130 large black crates into a box truck and drove out to the field to harvest Swiss Chard.  By 7:15 we had harvested 1150 pounds of chard.  Then on to harvest pearl onions.  8440 pearl onions later and it was 10:00.  The crew took a short break to refuel and then joined us in the strawberry patch.  We usually have several work crews doing different jobs simultaneously.  At 8:00 four workers had gone out to harvest the first of the season’s zucchini while another group headed to the strawberry patch.  We harvested strawberries until 10:00 at which time the Cambodian crew joined the strawberry harvest so others of us could go harvest broccoli.  The broccoli had responded to the heat and grown like crazy over the weekend.  1756 heads of broccoli were harvested, loaded into another box truck and driven to the packing shed where they got hydro cooled (soaked in tubs of cold water to remove the field heat) then counted into crates, iced and put into the cooler.  Broccoli likes to be stored really cold.  A truck load of strawberries came in at noon. We carried the crates of berries to a cooler and then took a nice lunch break.  After lunch the Cambodian crew washed and banded chard and a crew of four transplanted basil, three varieties of basil for the Pesto Fest!  David and Jesse kept busy irrigating the crops today.  A lot of time goes into irrigation.   This beautiful recreational weather is a bit dry for the vegetables.  Today has been warm, sunny and productive, what more could we ask for.  Happy Fourth of July!

Broccoli Harvesters


The first zucchini of the season


Strawberry harvest; William and daughter Bella show off a beautiful quart


Washing and banding Swiss Chard


Transplanting four varieties of basil (Lemon, Lime, Red Rubin and Sweet Basil)


Irrigation gun watering crops (upper left) and transplanting (lower right)