It seems the weather has been fairly eventful this season so far.  And now this (crazy hot) week!  As farmers, our lives revolve around the weather and of course we do the best we can with it.  Monday morning, in an attempt to beat the heat, we were out harvesting salad mix at 5:45 am.  We finished salad mix harvest by 8:30; then we began spinach harvest.  At 10:00 I called off the spinach harvest, to be continued at 5:00am Tuesday.  It was getting too hot to continue harvesting spinach.  I guess we were only able to beat the heat for a few hours.  We moved over to radish harvest, they can handle the heat better than tender spinach leaves.  By 11:00 we had finished the radish harvest and were able to head into the packing shed (shade) to wash (cold water) and band the radishes.  Ahhhhh, spraying radishes and dipping them into 100 gallon tubs of water sure was a welcome follow up activity. 

Now it’s Tuesday and maybe we are getting used to the heat because it didn’t feel as brutal this morning as it did yesterday.  Today we started at 5:00am (you know it is light enough to see spinach at that time) and were back in the packing shed by 11:00 to enjoy washing and bunching turnips. 

Staying shaded while harvesting rhubarb or is it rhubarb fashion?


Washing and banding turnips.


This afternoon salad mix got bagged and spinach got washed. 

We wash our salad mix and spinach in a special greens washer.  This is the process:

Eric places the freshly harvested greens onto a conveyor.


The greens (spinach in this picture) tumble from the conveyor into a tub of water. The gentle streams of water push them into the water.


The greens travel on the plastic conveyor up and down and in and out of the water three times, giving the greens a triple wash. Then the greens slide down the chute into a waiting basket.


The basket gets placed into a giant salad spinner for one minute and then emptied into a crate.


We have been irrigating our fields non-stop over the past few days.   Vegetables require a lot of water.   It has been very hot, dry and windy so it is up to us to give your vegetables the water they need.   On the farm we have several types of irrigation systems.  Pictured below is one of our ‘traveling irrigation guns’.

Irrigating sweet corn


What did we do last week when there was not a vegetable delivery?

Transplanting watermelon


Transplanting winter squash


Trellising sugar snap peas