This farm has an amazing labor force comprised of close to 60 worker shares.  A worker share is a member who chooses to work 4 hours each week in exchange for a vegetable share.  This farm began the worker share program 16 years ago.  For the first 5 years of the farm’s existence all of the work was done by family members (David, myself and our three children) and worker shares.  It wasn’t until we were delivering 500 shares that we hired our first employee.  Today with 1300 shares our labor force is comprised of 60 worker shares, 5 family members, 3 employees and a seasonal crew of 8-10 workers.    Many of our worker shares return year after year and each year we also have a whole group of new ones.  The worker share orientation is a season kick-off for worker shares and their families.  For the past many years we have planted sweet potato slips at the orientation.  Last Sunday, with threat of storms, we planted 2500 sweet potato slips with worker shares.  A sweet potato slip is a plant that grows off of a sweet potato, is pulled off the sweet potato and is then planted into the ground so more sweet potatoes can grow.  We ordered our sweet potato slips fromTennessee this season and were thankful when they arrived.  The worker shares learned all about the sweet potato slip, how to plant it, how it puts on sweet potatoes and all other fun sweet potato facts.  We spent a lovely hour and a half planting.  The sky got dark, the rain never came to our field and we got 2500 plants into the ground. 


Penelope, our worker Chris's daughter, overseeing the sweet potato planting


David and worker share crew planting sweet potatoes into plastic mulch