It hasn’t rained yet this week!   This means we have been able to get all of the planned and backlogged field work done.  We knew we were going to have to hit the ground running when it stopped raining and the fields finally were dry enough to plant, and run we did.  And of course we began harvest this week for our first Spring Share.  Monday morning brought the first day of harvest.  It had gotten down to 27 degrees during the evening so harvest had to be delayed until the greens thawed.  When the crew went down to the hoophouse (without plastic, so it really wasn’t a hoophouse, but an outside field) the greens were all frozen.  Greens can freeze and thaw and be fine.  Actually the freezing is what brings out the sweetness, so we expect the spinach to be very sweet.  We can’t harvest frozen greens so we all turned around and went to the greenhouse to plant sweet corn and wait until the greens thawed.  There is always some job to do.  We finished the corn planting job and then headed back to the hoophouse to harvest spinach, salad mix, saute mix, arugula and radishes.

Seeding sweet corn into flats, one kernel at a time


Harvesting spring share greens in hoophouse

After lunch we went to the woods to harvest ramps.  This is a spring ritual that everyone looks forward to.  The quiet, cool peacefulness of the forest is enchanting.   The only green growth on the forest floor are the ramps.  The only sound is a few birds chirping.   We work in silence as we dig the clumps of ramps and separate each bulb from the cluster.  We sit on the cool, leaf covered forest floor.  We work quickly but enjoy every minute.  Then with the same ritual that we began the harvest, we fill the crates with ramps, walk up the path and load them into the pick up truck.  

Ramp harvest


Walking out of woods with ramps

The next few days stayed extremely busy as we transplanted 13,500  leeks.  We did this on Tuesday, and Tuesday was cold.  But for seven hours, four people squeezed onto the back of an old, uncomfortable planter and placed one leek at a time between rotating disks.
The potato planting began on Wednesday and continued until it was to dark to see.  The job got finished this morning.
Wednesday afternoon we headed to the Colossal (another hoophouse, this one with plastic!) to harvest lettuce heads and bok choy.  The sorrel and chives are perrenials growing in one of our fields; they got harvested Tuesday morning.  After harvesting the vegetables, they all needed to be washed and many of them bagged.  It was a long week (oh yea and it was only Wednesday!).  We packed the Spring Shares this morning and now will head into town to deliver them.  What a joyful culmination of the week’s work (oh yea, three days).  Tomorrow we have oodles more to do, but today we will enjoy driving around in our trucks bringing the fruits of our labor to you. 

Harvesting lettuce heads in the Colossal