Saturday was a particularly windy day.    The plastic roof was covering the ‘harden-off area’, the plants were protected; it was so windy that we didn’t risk rolling the plastic sides up because the wind might just carry the plastic away.  That had happened several weeks ago, so we have been watchful.  I stood inside with the plants and felt confident all would be OK. Then I walked to the hoophouse where much of the Spring Share greens are growing.  It looked so beautiful.  I took pictures so I could show you the food before we begin the harvest on Monday.

Beds of greens in the hoophouse 10am Saturday

Three beds of salad greens 10am Saturday

 All seemed to be fine, although there was wind, the hoophouse plastic didn’t seem to be blowing around too much.   I needed to run an errand so left the farm for an hour and when I returned this is what I saw.

Hoophouse stripped of plastic covering 11am Saturday

Hoophouse stucture completely exposed

Side wall of hoophouse ripped out of its foundation

David wrangling whipping hoophouse plastic into submission

Devastated hoophouse structure avoids any damage to spinach beds

My heart raced.  Ten minutes after I had taken the beautiful  pictures of the salad beds a tremendous gust of wind came and ripped off the plastic, sheered the hardware holding metal bars in place, lifted up an end wall, and skewed rafters.  The beds of greens were still beautiful.  Without the protection of the plastic roof and walls we could only hope for no hard rains or hail.  There was a frost predicted last night so David, Jesse and I row covered the beds of lettuce to protect the tender leaves from the elements.  The other greens in the hoophouse are hardy enough to take a night of frost.  Harvest began this morning.  It’s a funny thing, farming and being at the mercy of Mother Nature.  One minute we have plants growing in a peaceful, protected shelter of a hoophouse, the next moment they are not.   I visited them this morning before harvest and they still looked beautiful.
Exposed greens made it safely through the weekend